Teaser Videos for Easily Distracted Investors

30 October, 21.25Credit: Timo Arnall

According to Dave McClure, most investors have a short attention span. This is why we recommend using video in your presentation towards investors, especially when reaching investors online. When videos are used in crowdfunding campaigns and on AngelList or Gust, it is much easier to articulate your message quickly and in an effective manner. Using videos has become a trend, such that Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists such as Bain Capital Ventures Innovation Center encourages start-ups to pitch them virtually with videos.

“So when reviewing 20, 50 or 100 submissions for funding during the screening process, I have found that it is incredibly helpful to be able to watch a quick (2-3 minute) video elevator pitch so that I can get an instant gut feel for the entrepreneur and the company. I’ll be looking for all those same clues that I’d be watching for during an in-person meeting.” – David S. Rose, CEO of Gust

You don’t want to simply talk at the camera how you normally would in a presentation with investors. Understand and optimize video as a medium and use it to your advantage. Video is art, and in art, there are principles and rules.

“Show, don’t tell.” This simple rule in creative writing can be applied to any art medium. Show your passion and energy. Show who you are and your credibility. Show your product–even better, show people using your product and how it affects them, if possible, emotionally.  Show the story behind your start-up. DJZ and MUBI are good examples you can learn from.

Chip and Dan Heath discovered 6 principles that makes an idea stick–they call it SUCCESs, an acronym:

Simple — Simplicity isn’t about dumbing down an idea but finding the core of the message and prioritizing it

Unexpected —  Surprise the audience

Concrete — Get rid of abstractions and use sensory language

Credible — An idea is credible through outside authorities or from within with stats and details

Emotional — Focus on emotion rather than logic or numbers

Stories — Use a narrative to explore an idea

By applying these 6 principles, your video will be engaging and more influential. As for content, your video should let the investor know who you are, what problem you are solving, who the product benefits, and how you will implement your plan. For the problem and solution, consider this rhetorical question Dave McClure asks: ““How does your solution tap into the emotional, powerful, evolutionary needs that we as humans have?”

The purpose of your product will always be human driven and derives from emotions. Go on, tell your story with video and capture the attention of investors.

by PD